Included with all plans

Monitoring & alerts
Private networking
Team accounts
No cost, pre-defined firewalls
24/7/365 world-class support
Pre-built open source apps
DNS management
Private analytics


Xost is completely free to build. No payment required.
All plans include everything you need to create and host a dynamic, responsive web app, including back-end processing, secure payments over SSL, and connecting to hundreds of third party services.

Why is Xost free?

We want to see progress being made. We want to change the way the narrative will play out. Our goal is to improve the internet situation in Uzbekistan.
You are more than welcome to switch to a paid plan that gets you more storage and additional units of CPU and RAM.

Pay as you scale

Xost scales as your project grows. Our free plan includes everything you need to run your website or application. Freely run a WordPress website that can take on 1000’s of users without paying anything.

Dedicated solutions

For enterprise clients and apps with special requirements,  Contact us!